"Murder evokes anger, and anger exacts revenge, but what about mercy? 
This fast-paced drama is as compelling as it is riveting! 
You'll never look at justice and mercy the same way again. " 
- Jennifer Youngblood, Bestselling author of STONEY CREEK, ALABAMA

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"An Uncertain Justice"
by Marnie L. Pehrson

9"x6", 292 page paperback

On a sunny afternoon in March 1922, Deputy Sheriff Morton was gunned down in cold blood, and his grandson, Sherman, wants revenge. For Sherman, only an eye-for-an-eye retribution will serve the demands of justice, but elements of the community feel differently. Soon the national media ignites a frenzy amongst boys' organizations across the country, coaxing the governor to consider a stay of execution for the two youths responsible for the crime.

As Sherman's anger and frustration increase, his life begins to unravel--affecting his job and his relationship with the girl he loves.

This riveting true story about the last legal hanging in Georgia captured the attention of a nation, but more importantly, it racked the soul of a boy who dearly loved his grandfather. How does one deal with the long-lasting effects of murder? Does a punishment ever fit the crime? Is it possible, or even necessary to forgive a murderer? Find out within the pages of An Uncertain Justice, a look into the scope of justice and mercy that will make you question what you believe.

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