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9"x6", 292 page paperback
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Publisher: Spirit Tree Publishing

On a sunny afternoon in March 1922, Deputy Sheriff Morton was gunned down in cold blood, and his grandson, Sherman, wants revenge. For Sherman, only an eye-for-an-eye retribution will serve the demands of justice, but elements of the community feel differently. Soon the national media ignites a frenzy amongst boys' organizations across the country, coaxing the governor to consider a stay of execution for the two youths responsible for the crime.

As Sherman's anger and frustration increase, his life begins to unravel--affecting his job and his relationship with the girl he loves.

This riveting true story about the last legal hanging in Georgia captured the attention of a nation, but more importantly, it racked the soul of a boy who dearly loved his grandfather. How does one deal with the long-lasting effects of murder? Does a punishment ever fit the crime? Is it possible, or even necessary to forgive a murderer? Find out within the pages of An Uncertain Justice, a look into the scope of justice and mercy that will make you question what you believe.

What Readers Are Saying...

"Murder evokes anger, and anger exacts revenge, but what about mercy? 
This fast-paced drama is as compelling as it is riveting! 
You'll never look at justice and mercy the same way again. " 
- Jennifer Youngblood, Bestselling author of STONEY CREEK, ALABAMA

"This is a fantastic book - it will have you crying, wanting to wrestle certain characters down for the three-count, hugging others - I feel like I know each of them personally. I rode the roller coaster from empathy to anger to contentment. Marnie, you're a great author!" 
- Lisa Rae Preston

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